Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Frozen Margaritas for EVERYONE!

You get a frozen margarita...and you get a frozen margarita...and EVERYONE gets a frozen margarita! (said in my best Oprah!)

We've got the office pool party coming up so that means...

We need the BEST frozen margarita machine!

Wait... WHAT did you say?!?!

"Just use a BLENDER"?!?!?

Oh no no NO - one can NOT just use a blender to make frozen margaritas!

That's just WRONG!

We are doing it RIGHT and getting a really good margarita machine - all there is to it!

Those machines are awesome - they look ridiculously COOL - and.... no chunks of ice in my frozen drinks.

It's about priorities =)

Pressure Cookers 101 - How To Cook with a Pressure Cooker Safely

Let's talk about the myths of cooking with a pressure cooker as well as some basic pressure cooking safety considerations.

Are you afraid of using a pressure cooker because of stories of spaghetti sauce getting splattered all over the ceiling? Well, events like those only happen when the pot is not used properly.

To make the most out of your pressure cooker or your Instant Pot, here are some safety tips for you:

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Watch out for frothy foods

More than anything, you need to watch the building pressure inside the pressure cooker. This is the key to safe use and proper cook. However, there are certain foods than can cause the pressure to rapidly rise beyond acceptable levels. These are foods that form froths when cooking. Examples include beans, apples, oatmeal, and barley. If possible, avoid cooking these ingredients in a cooker. If you must, fill the pot up to one thirds or one half only.

Do not use it for frying

Also, pressure cookers are not made for frying. If you must fry, there is other equipment for that. In fact, it is considered dangerous and risky to fry using a cooker. In some instances though, you may need to add some oil while pressure cooking. However, the amount of oil must be kept to bare minimum.

Always keep a timer around

Some modern pressure cookers have built-in timers. This will help you keep track of what you are cooking. But just in case your unit does not have one, you would do well to buy a separate timer. Always remember that correct timing is crucial to pressure cooking.

Keep the lid open when not in use

You may think that it is more appropriate to store your pressure cooker with the cover on but this will have an effect on the quality of the foods that you will cook.

For instance, keeping the cover on will trap unwanted flavors and aroma into the pot. This will get mixed with the next you will cook using the same pot.

Stay put during cooking time

While pressure cooking, anything can happen at any time. Pressure may build up beyond safe levels, froths may develop, and the vent tube may get clogged by the food. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep watch of the pot while cooking. This is important both safety and food quality reasons. If you must leave the kitchen for an extended period of timed, see to it that someone will keep watch of the pot in your stead.

Upgrade to newer pressure cookers

Generally, newer units of pressure cookers and one pot pressure cookers like the Instant Pot are safer to use because they have automated pressure control and pressure release functions.

Some programmable pots will maintain the right pressure without your intervention (this is the one we use). This is unlike older pots which will require your input every other then. Of course, this is not to say that you can just leave the pot and let it do the rest.

Familiarize yourself with your unit

You may have owned a cooker before and you may already know everything there is to know about that particular unit. But when you buy a new one, you cannot assume that you also know about that new one. Each one is built differently and operated differently. Take time to read through the user manual for proper use and safety measures.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Pregnancy? Here's Some Tips

Pregnancy is hard for first time moms and those who have done it before. When you know what to look for and expect while pregnant, the warning signs of problems will be easy to spot. Read these tips to learn some sound advice for pregnant mothers, which should help you have a joyful nine months.

To prevent stomach upset at the beginning of your pregnancy, eat small meals. Be sure never to go hungry. This will help keep your stomach settled. Eat foods that are light and fresh. Fresh fruit, lean meat and vegetables are great ideas.

If your baby is past due, try walking. Walking works to bring the baby down to the birth position. Ask your partner to go with you. Make sure that you don't overdo things, walk to fast or try any contact exercise so as to avoid harm to your baby.

Get rid of chemical cleaners, air fresheners, and other products that are toxic to your baby. Cleaning solutions are one of the biggest offenders in our daily lives, so start replacing them with more natural solutions. This will put your baby in the best possible living situation.

It is best you know what to look out for during premature labor so you know when is the right time to call the doctor. Of course, hopefully, you'll never have a need to actually use the information. Knowledge is power, especially in serious situations such as these. The sooner you take action against preterm labor, the greater your chances of a safe and healthy delivery.

In order to help you prepare for your baby's birth, read childbirth stories online. Birth stories are from a mother's perspective, unlike clinical books. Read a few different stories and you should feel a little calmer and more prepared for the big event.

Conception should coincide with a healthy diet. Things like folic acid are essential to healthy development of your baby. You should also start taking a prenatal vitamin.

Floss and brush your teeth while you are pregnant. It is obviously important to do this even when you aren't pregnant as well. But, it's more so during pregnancy. Pregnancy can leave you more vulnerable to gingivitis or gum disease. If you have poor dental hygiene, it can make matters much worse. Stick to flossing and brushing at least two times each day.

Pregnancy is a gradual learning process. It's lots of fun to purchase good books or borrow them from the library in preparation for the blessed event. Learn about the beginning, middle and end of pregnancy and any warning signs that might crop up. This will allow you to feel in control of what is happening to your body.

Sit with a friend's baby during your own pregnancy so you begin to feel more comfortable with infant care. This can familiarize you with the needs of a baby. Doing this can help you to feel comfortable when your own baby is one day in your arms.

If your pregnancy was a surprise, you will probably feel a mixture of emotions. If you are a single woman it can be even more of a roller coaster. Do not allow other people's negative judgement get you down. You need to do what is best for you and your baby, and if these people are bringing you down, remove them from your life.

While you need to eat enough to nourish your growing baby, don't eat too much. Since your unborn child is so tiny, this isn't necessary. During your pregnancy, you should only eat 300 more calories a day to keep the baby nourished.

Keep in mind that your due date is an estimate rather than a guarantee. For many a mom, the day goes by without a baby in arms. This is not something to be treated in a sad way, rather a mother should continue to celebrate the baby that is growing happy and healthy inside of her. Try to focus on small, enjoyable things like taking a long, soothing bath, or just enjoying the peace and quiet.

There is no such thing as too much good advice. Following good advice will help you enjoy this special time. You deserve to experience an incredible pregnancy. You can have a successful pregnancy when you do your homework and take care of your health.

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