Monday, August 29, 2011

How Do I STOP Overeating?!?!

We all eat... but do your OVER eat? It's common to eat too much now and then. Holidays like Thanksgiving come to mind as a time when people tend to eat more than they should. However, there are plenty of people who use food for another reason and are desperate to learn how to stop overeating.

There are many types of overeating - binge eating, stress eating - and the biggest one of all - emotional overeating. Each of these leads to unwanted pounds, an unhealthy lifestyle, low self-esteem.....and a habit that is tough to break.

The big question is - How do I stop overeating? - and this exactly what this website is totally focused on - teaching you ways to stop overeating as you learn WHY you do it in the first place.

Click any of the articles below to get more info and help getting your overeating under control.

  • Recognizing Your Emotional Eating Triggers
  • Lose Weight Fast and Healthy
  • Binge Eating – Stress Management Can Help
  • Stress Eating Can Add on the Pounds
  • Stop Emotional Eating and Regain Control of Your Food
  • Steps to Overcoming Emotional Eating
  • How to Train Your Body to Stop Eating Too Much
  • Emotional Eating – Tips for Better Emotional Wellbeing
  • Emotional Eating Definition – When Food Becomes Harmful
  • Emotional Eating – Stress Management Tactics That Can Help

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    Friday, August 26, 2011

    Weight Loss and You - What Works?

    You do have several different strategies to try to lose weight. They include working out, eating a better diet, and following other diet plans. If you are currently overweight, there is no denying that you should make some lifestyle changes that involve eating better and exercising more. Yet weight issues often are caused by a slow metabolism in addition to an incredible urge to munch throughout the day. Often, people feel like they need to snack all day just to have energy to make it through the day. The good thing about African Mango Plus is that it addresses these common issues, and it does that in a safe, natural way that works with your body. Learn where to buy African Mango here.

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Wanna Make a Great Cup of Coffee? Get a Good Machine!

    Stretchmark Creams - Which Work?

    Stretch marks - yuck! Who needs them? Regardless of WHY you got stretchmarks, the big question is how do you get RID of them? Many people turn to Trilastin - it's a really good stretchmark solution.

    We did a lot of research before I made my purchase to try and find other people (for me, women in particular) that had used Trilastin and what results they'd had. There seemed to be a few positive results, and a few negative ones, so I didn't know what to believe. Read more of this Trilastin review at to learn what we found out.