Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Squidoo Cash Machine - See MY Personal Results Testing SquidooCashMachine.com

I tested the techiniques and affiliate marketing methods in Squidoo Cash Machine. You can see my personal results, screenshots of my Clickbank account, my dashboard, and more.

My over-all summary of Squidoo Cash Machine is that if you do NOT read it, and you do NOT use the methods...

You are leaving money on the table.

This Squidoo guide and info can be found at http://www.SquidooCashMachine.com
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Squidoo Cash Machine - My Personal Results From Using The Techniques

I then tested out the techniques in Squidoo Cash Machine.

Three days of using it. That is THREE days from first getting a lens url/name, to publishing it, to Google finding it... those kind of BEGINNING three days in the life of a lens.....

In those first THREE days I made THREE Clickbank sales.

On the fourth day, I made a post on my blog showing my results. While I was typing that post...

I made three MORE sales within an HOUR!

That is SIX sales in FOUR days just from using Squidoo Cash Machine.


Read about how I used Squidoo Cash Machine to see these kinds of results in just FOUR DAYS on my blog.

Read: My Results From Using Squidoo Cash Machine
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dating Tips For Men - Guys ONLY...No Girls Allowed ( I Read This Dating Advice Anyway...haha!)

Found a cool Squidoo page that has 7 Dating Tips for Men that are pretty helpful for guys that need a little bit of help with the ladies. This lens is by the same guy who helped others try to figure out how to convince your spouse to stay and save the marriage.

The dating advice found on this lens is from the DatingTipsForRealMen.info website - which is AWESOME!

Every time I turn around, some dating advice website is telling guys that the only way to get a girl is by being a 'Bad Boy" - like women WANT to date jerks! Please! I really liked the way this guy tells men that when it comes to dating and attracting high-quality women, there is a balance between being a "Bad Boy" - and being a "Nice Guy". I agree with these dating tips (even tho I wasn't supposed to read them!)

Guys, if you just want a little insight and anonymous help with your dating style (or lack of) - take a few minutes and read these 7 dating tips for men. If you need a LOT of help - and need it FAST - head over to DatingTipsForRealMen.info.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

How Do Affiliate Websites Make Money? Can I Get a Straight Answer?

A very common question in the internet marketing world is, "How do affiliate websites make money?". For those that are wondering this too, let's take a second and explain how this all works.

I am a big fan of explaining things in very simple terms. I teach others how to make small and profitable affiliate websites at my free tutorial site called 6StepNicheSites.com. I find a simple explanation is enough to get enough information going without causing info-overload!

So, the simple answer is - An affiliate website makes money by selling other peoples stuff and, in turn, making commissions off those sales. Your affiliate website is like a middle man - you don't have inventory, you are not responsible for order processing or customer service - all you do is create a small websites that drives traffic to the product you are promoting. If the visitor buys something, you make money.

How Are My Commissions Tracked So That My Affiliate Website Gets Credit For My Sales?

This question seems confusing at first, but again, let me resort to very simple language to explain. When you sign up as an affiliate for a program of product, you are given special links to use on your affiliate website. When someone clicks your special link, the customer is tracked with a special code that credits you for the ending sale.

What Are Affiliate Websites Called?

Affiliate websites are also referred to as "niche sites" or "niche websites". These small affiliate websites are focused very tightly on a certain subject (or 'niche'). A profitable niche website will have good content (articles, etc) that are directly related to the information that someone who is interested in that topic would search Google for.

Niche websites do not need to be large websites in order to be successful and profitable. Usually 10 pages or so is plenty enough information to 'pre-sell' a visitor and entice them to click through your affiliate link to the product you are advertising. In the case of niche websites, sometimes 'less is more'.

The prime objective for affiliate website owners (or niche site owners) is to not only build a niche site, but create MANY niche websites. These small websites will, over time, generate a wonderful passive and recurring income. As much as I hate to say something this cheesy, but affiliate websites are the best online business model for making money 'while you sleep'. Once you get the niche site built and getting traffic, you are pretty much done with the work part - then it is simply about collecting income. Oh, and making MORE affiliate websites!

Want to learn how to make profitable affiliate websites? Good! Come visit http://www.6StepNicheSites.com and learn for free! No sign ups or downloads - info is free for everyone.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Ovarian Cyst Sypmtoms and Treatment Options

Ovarian cysts is a painful medical condition that totally controls the quality of life for many women. The pain can be almost unbearable - and the medication is simply prescribed to learn to live with the pain - not to CURE ovarian cysts.

Learn the signs and symptoms of ovarian cysts to try and qualify if the pain you are experiencing is caused by a cyst on your ovary. Before jumping into medication or surgery, consider a natural treatment for your ovarian cyst situation.

As a former sufferer of ovarian cysts, I was extremely pleased to find TreatingOvarianCysts.info. The information of this site is fantastic! Unfortunately, this information about ovarian cysts was not available years ago when I ended up having my ovary surgically removed. How I wish it was! I always prefer to try and treat my body naturally before taking medication!

If you'd like more information about natural treatment options for ovarian cysts, visit:


How To Get Back Together With Your Ex - Yes! It IS Possible

Articles That Can Help You Get Back Together With Your Ex

Here are some great articles from many specific questions of couples trying to get back together. Maybe one of these articles will help you and the one YOU love get back on track to being together forever.

Is A Guy Pathetic If He Wants His Ex-Girlfriend Back?

How To Convince A Spouse To Stay and Save The Marriage

I Broke Up With Him But Now I Want Him Back - How Do I Get My Ex Back?

Does My Ex Still Love Me -Quiz To Find Out

BringBackMyEx.com is responsible for getting many couples back together by simply teaching and supporting the ONE who wants to get the other back.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Convince A Spouse To Save A Marriage - Do It The Right Way

Convincing a spouse to stay and save the marriage may be number one of THE most terrifying situations to find yourself in. What do you do? Can you force your spouse to stay? Do you even WANT them to stay if you have force him or her?

There are some very specific pieces of advice for spouses who find themselves in the position to try and convince their spouse to stay and save the marriage. Unique relationship situations need, and deserve, unique relationship advice. Please remember that while your situation is unique, you are not alone! Spouses that find themselves in a similar situation as you have found a lot of help, advice, and comfort at BringBackMyEx.com . Feel free to visit and read how to save your marriage....even when YOU are the only one trying. Get answers... get solutions... there is hope!