Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting Back With Your Ex Will Only End in Tears? Seriously?

So I was reading this news article today that had some info for all those people who are dying to know how to get your ex back. The article says that there are studies that claim that getting back with your ex will only end in tears. I say, they aren't doing it the right way (or those in the study were trying to force a relationship that totally wasn't meant to be).

Reality is, we all have had relationships where one stupid misunderstanding or action leads to a impulsive break up. It happens... In fact it happens all the time. But what if that relationship really had good factors for BOTH of you? Is it right to tell people that getting back together is NOT the right thing to do? That it will be WORSE than before?

I don't think so. I think each relationship is unique and is comprised of two unique people. If they each learn the right tools to get back together AND make the effort to put the pieces back together, how can that be a bad thing?

If you have an ex that you have unfinished business with (ie, you don't have closure, you can't get that person out of your mind, you compare anyone new to your ex, etc etc) then I think you SHOULD take a chance and reach out to that ex and see if there is a way to get back together if both are interested in it.

I know MANY great couples - and about 98% of them have broken up at one time or another before finally getting settled in a loving and trusting relationship. Relationships are hard - we all have issues to deal with as we learn true love and true commitment - so why let one break up ruin what could be the love of your life?

Just my thoughts...but here's an excerpt from the news story:

"We've all known (or even been!) that couple who broke up, got back together, and really made it work. And Vennum acknowledges that if a couple really addresses the reasons behind the breakup (and, crucially, if both are aware that they actually broke up), it's possible to bounce back. More common than the bounce, though, is a slow slide into discord. And the truth is, the promise of a redo is sometimes illusory. It's easy to imagine that if you get back together, it'll be just like the sweet, passionate beginning of your relationship all over again. But really, it's going to be a lot more like starting back up from the end of your relationship — after all, that's where you actually left off. And if things then were untenable, you're going to have to work pretty hard to fix them. To forestall backsliding, Vennum recommends the cold-turkey approach, at least for a little while: "Researchers have found that on days when we see our exes, we feel more feelings of love towards them than on days we don't." This is a case of science confirming what we all already know, but sometimes forget when we're lying on the floor sobbing and listening to Sea Change over and over again.

Passion pitfall: Research finds that rekindling a romance often extinguishes a couple's happiness [K-State]
Reunited, and it feels so terrible [Health on Today]


If you're really serious and committed to getting back together with an ex, get your hands on a copy of Magic of Making Up. This smart guide has helped thousands and thousands of couples put it all back together - even when there was only ONE person interested in reuniting in the beginning. Hey, it's your life - if you want something or believe in something, go for it!

What's really sad to me are all those couples I have known that broke up for some silly (or serious) reason, but we all know they are MEANT to be together. They just don't have the tools to learn how to get back together - so they remain apart. That, to me, is something that is worth shedding tears over.

Thank goodness for helpful web pages!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Kitchen gadgets and appliances - what fun!  How about a stand mixer - - to help your food turn out better with less effort? Who doesn't adore food? It can be far more pleasant when your foods are ready by an individual experienced at cooking food in the kitchen. This article is in this article to help you novices and industry experts obtain new abilities.

When introducing essential oil to preparing food items, put it about the sides of your pan. By doing this, it is going to already be warmed as soon as it actually reaches the meals. This helps to improve the food's taste if it is conducted.

Grilling your fruit might be yummy. You can slice nectarines, melons or peaches and place them with a prod or skewer. View the fruit meticulously, and then leave the skewer on until your fruit is perfectly engrossed in grill marks. Best some yummy frozen treats together with your grilled fruit, or attempt them with a slice of pound cake, which can be casually grilled.

To stay in addition to the mess that comes with cooking food, cleanse your recipes as soon as you are carried out using them. For those who have a double kitchen sink, keep very hot soapy water and crystal clear, refreshing wash water in each and every side in the kitchen sink. If you cleanse when you are cooking food, the recipes and pots is going to be much easier to scrub and you will definitely save time on taking care of after dinner. Additionally, they will be right away offered to use once more.

Pumpkin prep involves slicing it in two, from top to underside. Put both sides of the pumpkin deal with upon a baking sheet. Sprinkle some normal water on every baking sheet to incorporate humidity, then bake every pumpkin half in the 350-degrees fahrenheit your oven for around 60 minutes.

Whenever you sit down for the great dinner, the sensation of happiness when you take a bite is unmistakable. It doesn't have many years of discovering so as to create your individual masterpieces. This is a thing pretty much anyone can do. Your family members will take pleasure in anything you have learned, so go present it well and cook dinner!

Cooking is more fun with the right appliances! Check out this url about stand mixers. The right mixer can make cooking much more enjoyable!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Sewing Machine Prices

Should You Buy a Kindle or.....?

Nook Color vs Kindle - What People Like about Amazon's Kindle Fire

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Healing Thru Affirmations?

There are many people who believe that every illness has been caused by either a thought or a belief. One of the main methods of healing is the use of affirmations, which have been used very effectively by many people. There's a book that can explain this. You Can Heal Your Life has now sold over 35 million copies all over the world, and is still sold in countries that have their own very old and strong spiritual heritage, such as India and Nepal.

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