Monday, June 30, 2008

Are You a Squidoo Lensmaster? Whats Next?

PotPieGirl has written a very informative post on her blog about the next step for Squidoo lensmasters. Turns out many people have been making free pages on the Squidoo site and they just might be ready to take the next step for their online business. What IS the next step?

You'll have to read her post and find out!

Squidoo Step Two

Anxiety Symptoms - Sure Feels Like a Heart Attack!

Turns out, many symptoms of anxiety mimic symptoms of a heart attack. Folks have told me that they really feel like they are dying when they are having an anxiety attack! Scary! So what can be done to treat anxiety? Are you doomed to a lifetime of meds just to control your symptoms?ph

Learn the physical signs of anxiety and how to treat anxiety at

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Have An Old Cell Phone? Why Not Recycle Your Phone For Money?

What to do with all those old cell phones? Why not recycle your phones for MONEY? Yes, you can sell your old cell phones to companies that will PAY you for them!

As cell phone companies come out with better phones and more attractive cell phone plans, we all find we have all these old cell phones just lying around the house. Did you know it is really bad for the environment to just throw them away? It really is, and some states are actually making laws that you HAVE to recycle your old phones.

If you need some extra cash, or just want a smart way to get rid of your old cell phone - recycle it for some cold, hard cash!


Have Diabetes? Need Free Diabetic Supplies?

You learn all about low-cost and free diabetic supplies at this great new diabetic information site. Some of the best informative articles from all over the internet are collected here on this one site making it a huge time-saver for those looking for recipes, testing equipment, and insurance information (Yes, talks about Medicare and Diabetes, too).

We found this site very helpful - especially the areas that show where to get discount diabetic testing kits and cheap diabetic socks.

Worth a look if you are searching for diabetes information and resources.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Calculation Reitrement - How Hard Can It Be?

Calculation Retirement - are you prepared for retirement? Baby boomers, is your nest egg protected so that YOU are protected? Do you know HOW to protect your nest egg in retirement?

Fact is, most financial planners will give you insight and help into building your nest egg, but not many will teach you how to distribute your nest egg so that is LASTS. However, most financial planners WILL be sure to get 'their share' of your nest egg via fees and charges.

Take the time to learn how Baby Boomers can protect their nest egg through retirement.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Simple Retirement Calculator - It Is So NOT That Simple!

Baby boomers planning retirement are on the look-out for a simple retirement calculator that will give them all their answers about how much money it will take to retire and enjoy life as a retired person. But do these retirement calculators really help with that - Or do they do more damage than good?

Over at, it is one mans goal to make sure baby boomers have the RIGHT information to protect your precious nest egg, avoid large losses, and prepare properly for retirement.

His retirement blog is full of straight talk and real advice.... it's a must-read for all baby boomers!

Visit the blog here

Learn How To Protect Your Nest Egg here

Should Baby Boomers start an online business in retirement?

Friday, June 13, 2008

HP Ink Cartridge - Simple Tips that WILL Save You Money

Did you know there are ways to get your HP ink cartridge to last longer? Getting more prints and copies from one Hewlett Packard ink cartridge can really save you money!

I came across this one web page that gives 5 simple tips to get more life from your ink cartridges. Whats great is that these tips were shared by other Hewlett Packard printer users! The tips were given freely from Cartridge Concept - a leader in discount HP ink cartridge sales.

These tips are definitely worth a read, and are all super easy to implement and use day-to-day. Printer ink is actually more expensive than gas (did you know that?) - finding any way to save on these expensive necessities is great!

Visit : HP Ink Cartridge Buying Tips

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dust Collectors, Air Filtration, and More

Hey buddy, need a dust collector? is the company you need. Whether you need mist collectors, industrial vacuums, downdraft tables, or air filtration solutions, you will be thrilled at the service and innovative solutions Environmental Clean Air Company has for you!

Environmental Clean Air has been in the business for years - and they know what you need. Some of the best customer service I have ever experienced!

Be sure to check out the business profile for or contact this clean air company online.