Monday, September 27, 2010

NJ Bail Bonds Online Advertising Options

The folks at Virtual Expansion Services are very excited to offer our expertise to help NJ bail bond companies get the online exposure they need and provide our readers with high-quality useful information to get what they need.

New Jersey Bail Bonds Advertising Sites:

The following sites have advertising options for those that provide bail bond services to those needing a bail bondsman in the NJ area -

Main Advertising Site:

New Jersey Bail Bonds (

NJ County-Specific Bail Bond Sites:

Atlantic County Bail Bonds (
Bergen County Bail Bonds (
Burlington County Bail Bonds (
Essex County Bail Bonds (
Hudson County Bail Bonds (
Hunterdon County Bail Bonds (
Mercer County Bail Bonds (
Middlesex County Bail Bonds (
Monmouth County Bail Bonds (
Morris County Bail Bonds (
Ocean County Bail Bonds (
Passaic County Bail Bonds (
Somerset County Bail Bonds (
Union County Bail Bonds (
Warren County Bail Bonds (

More info can be found at Online Advertising for NJ Bail Bonds Companies

Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Sexy Halloween Costume IdeasHer

Here's another great idea for a sexy costume - a Playboy Halloween Costume! Talk about HOT....and who says they only have to be for Halloween ;)

Sexy Costume Ideas for Halloween (or just for fun!)

Looking for a cute and sexy costume this Halloween? Why not get a peacock Halloween costume? Cute, fun, and downright sexy.....check 'em out at

Monday, September 6, 2010

How To Design Your Web Site

When a customer visits your website, you have roughly ten seconds to capture their attention, so you better think carefully about what you want to include. Some websites go directly into the navigation and content of their websites on their first "index" page. Customers can surf around the site and decide if they want to buy the product or service. This is not really the wisest option available. Of course, every site does need the standard index page chock full of frequently asked questions, testimonials, order form, etc. But there is a better way to "capture" your visitors by using a squeeze. A squeeze page captures your audience with a screaming headline and brief key points about the customer's problem and how you intend to solve it. Sometimes a squeeze page offers a free report or newsletter. Either way, all squeeze pages purpose is to retrieve the customers name and email address, or sometimes they ask the customer a burning question.

So what is the point in retrieving the customer's name and email address? Have you heard of opt-in lists? An opt-in list is gold to an internet marketer because you can send your customers information which will hopefully attract the customer back to the website to either purchase a product or service being offered. Spamming is illegal and having a great opt-in list is really necessary to any Internet marketer. You can also use your list to make money as an affiliate with another company. You can send customers an email from the site you are promoting and make profits as an affiliate. This is a great way to earn extra income indeed.

Squeeze pages are sometimes the first page found on a website. Sometimes they are pop ups on the index page of a website. They are very crucial to any Internet marketer's business.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Buy Traffic Voodoo

I can't wait to get my hands on Jeff Johnson's new training and buy Traffic Voodoo 2.0 training - his stuff is always soooo good!  Have you seen the new FREE Traffic Voodoo training video that is already out?  Oh, man, it's really good....crazy what these guys give away for free.

Check it out here - it's called "instant affiliate traffic".  It's about how to quickly and easily tap into one of the greatest sources of free traffic in the world.  Jeff wayyyyy over-delivered in thns free training....I got a lot of great ideas from it!

Now, we wait and count down the days until we can buy traffic voodoo.

What To Do With What You Know

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Protect Your Computer Monitor

A monitor dust cover is what you need to keep your screen protected from dust and dirt . The screen is the display unit where all images are transmitted by the CPU so we can say that it’s an integral part of the whole system. Screens are delicate because they are usually made of glass and they are prone to getting dusty . You may not even notice how dusty your monitor is until the light hits it a certain way. Don’t you just hate dust and fingerprint smudges?

A lot of people would opt for an instant fix by using ammonia-based window wash and paper towel. These solutions contain harsh chemicals that can damage the anti-glare treatment that your monitor was made with. Paper towels are also not a good idea because they tend to scratch special coatings on the screen. They also leave small particles or residue on the screen. It is also not recommended for you to spray liquids near the air-cooling vents on your monitor because this can cause an irreversible damage to the guts of your screen.

The best solution to this dilemma is by relying on monitor dust covers . Choose a cover that is made with high quality breathable material that can cover the side and rear of the monitor. Some people opt to use removable vinyl covers but since I live in a pretty dusty area, I choose something that is installed at all times. Yup it remains installed even while the monitor is in use.

An LCD monitor dust cover will protect your screen 24 hours a day and it has the ability to filter all incoming air to protect not only the external components but internal components as well. These covers are specifically designed to defend expensive screens from dust, chemicals, fingerprints and scratches. You can also be assured that no dust, debris, wood chips and other foreign matters can enter the cooling vents. It’s so easy to install, you can do it in less than one minute. Measure your monitor before purchasing a cover to make sure it fits.

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Here Comes Halloween

Halloween is still a few weeks away, but it will be here before you know it.  Are you searching online for your Halloween costume?  Thing about finding a peacock costume or gothic Halloween costume

What about your kids (if you have kids) - what are they going to be this Halloween?  Thought of a cute toddler animal costume (love the baby spider costume and the mini moo costume...way cute!) or maybe your big little girl wants a High School Musical cheerleader costume?  Oh, or a Darth Vader Costume for your fun-loving little boy?  Or heck, even for the Big Boy in your life... men love Darth Vader, too!

Whatever kind of costume you are thinking about getting, take it from me, don't wait too long to order it.  This is a super busy time for buying costumes online and store run out of the good ones pretty quickly.

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How To Find New Stuff Online

Thousands and thousands of new web pages are added to the internet every single day.  For those, like me, that like to see new things online, there are sites that can tell you when someone decides to launch a new website or web page.

I like to check in on sites like that each day just to see what is new in the world wide web.

Many of these new web pages are not even known by Google and other search engines yet - that's what makes these types of sites so cool.

Try one of these sites and see if it doesn't help you find new and interesting information on the web.

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Peacock Halloween Costume

Looking for a peacock costume? This sexy peacock costume is just that – SEXY! This costume comes with a corset that has peacock feathers, the sexy little skirt, the hot little tail with peacock feathers, the choker, and the peacock feather headpiece.

>> See This Peacock Costume <<

Out of all the peacock costumes, this costume is Holly Madison hot, isn’t it?!?! ( we all remember Holly Madison’s peacock costume…it was H-O-T! Wouldn’t YOU like to look like that this Halloween?? Or look super hot in a peacock princess costume)

This very sexy peacock costume is available in the following sizes: adult small, medium, and large. Costume does not include the stockings or the shoes. This costume is also hand-washable so you can wear it for many Halloweens to come.

Click here to pick the perfect peacock Halloween costume or peacock costumes for kids.

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