Friday, May 23, 2008

Profitable Niche Websites in Six Easy Steps

Oh, this new site was a great find today! is a new and FREE tutorial website from This site is all about how to make small profitable niche sites - and all in 6 simple steps.

Sadly, as of this writing, the site is not finished yet. The intro and resources list is available, as is Step One and Step Two - but it's a dang good start! I'll be watching closely to see when this site is updated.

The author makes creating niche sites so easy to understand and doesn't let you get all over-whelmed with all the BS that is out there for those new to internet marketing. Just like her blog, it also has a touch of 'fun' and her silly, sunny disposition.

Keep an eye out for - you will love her RICHER niche site system!

Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Articles, and Tips

Hey all you beginner acoustic guitar players - there's a great new site on the web that can REALLY help you out! has lots of free guitar articles, acoustic guitar tabs, tuning information, and tips on buying your first acoustic guitar! They also offer links to lots of helpful sites that can really get you rocking and rolling!

Check out this acoustic beginner guitar site.

Need Squidoo Help?

Found a great Squidoo lens that not only gives great Squidoo tips and advice, but offers real SOLUTIONS to any Squidoo related problems you may be having.

If you've been playing with Squidoo and trying to make your own Squidoo pages (called 'lenses'), you may have had issues with getting a good lens made, learning how to optimize your lens, and figuring out how to get Google to find your new lens.

This Squidoo page provides answers for all the above and much, much more. It's all organized nice and neat so it is really easy to navigate.

Most of the information is links to PotPieGirls blog. On that blog, she goes WAY over-board trying to help people be successful on Squidoo and get to making money online.

Go check out her newest lens... its really good!

The new lens is Learn Squidoo With PotPieGirl.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Gluten Free Bread Recipes for Gluten Intolerant Folks

If you have a gluten intolerance, you know that finding gluten free recipes can be a real booger. No, wait, make that - finding GOOD-TASTING gluten free recipes.

I discovered a site that has a bunch of gluten free bread recipes, cookie recipes, biscuit recipes, AND gluten free BROWNIES! (as you can tell, I love me some brownies!!)

If you or a loved one is gluten intolerant (or has Celiac Deisease), go take a look at this gluten free recipe site. Don't worry, the recipes are free =)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Low Cost-RELIABLE-Web Hosting

If you've ever shopped around for low cost web hosting for your domains, you know what a pain in the butt it can be to try and figure out which web hosting service is better than the next. And man, all that mumbo-jumbo.... bandwidth, fantastico, server, ip, DNS, FTP..... the terms are endless!

Good news is that I discovered a cool single web page that reviews 5 of the best low cost web hosting companies - that are really reliable. Many of these web hosting companies 'fly under the radar' - meaning many folks don't even know about them (probably why those companies are so good!)

If you're in the market to get some web sites online then you need a low cost domain name hosting service.

Check the domain name hosting services reviews and comparisons - and GREAT prices - on this discovered web page.

The Incredible Aloe Vera Plant and All Its Health Benefits

If there was ever on plant put on this earth that could cure just about anything, it's the aloe vera plant. Did you know the health benefits of aloe vera? Have you ever read up on it?

Did you know that not only does Aloe heal burns, scars and other skin injuries, but aloe vera can also help extend your tan? Aloe also has BIGTIME immunity boosting properties, has helped those with diabetes, ulcers, food allergies, and so much more.

Many, many folks with irritable bowel syndrome use aloe vera products and see dramatic improvement in their symptoms.

Aloe vera is an amazing plant. Read more about it at

If you want to learn about aloe by reading, or by watching videos, you need to stop by. Great site!

Shin Splints - What a Pain in the ....Leg

If you've ever had shin splints, you know how painful they can be. Found a great web page that tells you what shin splints are (even has a great video from an orthopedic surgeon). The page also goes on the tell you how to treat chin splints (ice, ice, baby!)

Best part is learning how to prevent them.... you can actually stop getting shin splints for good (and yes, still be active!)

Go take a look at this shin splints treatment page.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Indoor Golf Simulator Bar and Grill - Bottom of the Cup Golf Bar

Ever played golf on an indoor golf simulator? No, I'm not talking Golden Tee or one of those silly video games... I'm talking REAL golf.

I've just taken up residence at a new Indoor Golf Simulator Bar here in Georgia... Bottom of the Cup Golf Simulator Bar and Grill.


Introducing the ONLY indoor golf simulator bar and grill in Georgia... Bottom of the Cup! Golfers will love this new sports bar.... play over 50 courses from around the world on their Full Swing Golf Simulators while enjoying great food and a full service bar.
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Special Discount on Golf at Bottom of the Cup

Bottom of the Cup owner Gary, and his partner Ben, really go above and beyond with their customer appreciation. You are sure to have a great time at Bottom of the Cup!

As a special gift for those that are reading about Bottom of the Cup for the first time right here - I have a special discount from Gary and Ben...

==== Online Golf Simulator Discount ====

Tell the guys that PotPieGirl sent you, and get 25% off your golf!

==== ====

That's big savings!

I'll see ya there!

Bottom of the Cup Golf Bar and Grill
7435 Spout Springs Road
Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542


Click for Google Map Directions

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