Sunday, November 2, 2008

Foods to Avoid on Low Carb Diet

Losing pounds might be tough, more so if you've dealt with the issue your entire life. Anybody trying to shed pounds should consider a low carb diet. Many benefits come with the low carb diet plan, but chiefly it will help to burn fat and to gain muscle faster than other types of diets would. You can also use a low carb diet for the long-term to stay healthy instead of just for a short period like other diets.

An important step to starting your low carb diet is an important one. You must learn which foods to avoid on low carb diets. In knowing which foods you need to avoid you can plan healthier meals with the foods that are acceptable with your diet. Scoping out what is both acceptable and not acceptable in your diet can put a positive spin on dieting on your dieting experience and ultimately leads to having more fun!

If you are going on a low-carb diet, you may not know that certain fruits should be avoided. The common belief that all fruit is good for you is not correct. Don't be fooled in thinking that you can eat as much fruit as you want and have success on a low-carb diet.

Specific fruits including bananas, watermelons, have a verly high glycemic index. In other words they contain a lot of sugar, and even though you don't have to stop eating them entirely, you shouldn't make a habit of eating them too much.

Most meats are acceptable meal choices when you are following a low carb diet. Any meats with breading or filler however are not acceptable choices. Liver is one of the foods to avoid on low carb diets and thus should not to be eaten when faithfully following this diet.

You should maintain a food diary that lists what you eat and what times you eat it. At the same time, track your weight loss achievement. Write down the weight and even measurements at the beginning of the diet, then keep track of them every week or as often as you like, so you can note the improvement you make. This will bolster your self-esteem as well help to keep you focused with your diet plan.

The great benefit about low carb diets is that you obtain results almost immediately. If you stay committed to your diet, you'll experience great results. However, the most difficult aspect is learning which foods to avoid on low carb diet plans. It is likely that your favorite foods will become a thing of the past, but the effort will be well worth it as those inches come off!

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