Friday, July 23, 2010

Halloween Cosutme Ideas - Wrestler?

1.) If you can’t imagine shaving your head completely, you can just buy a thin rubber skin that wraps over the head to create the bald look artificially . If you find that less appealing though, ask your barber to make it really short and tidy . Think the Buzz Cut!

2.) A goatee or mustache should be part of your wrestling costume. Some Halloween makeup kits come with fake mustaches and goatees. Make sure you use the correct adhesive. You can also use a black pencil eyeliner to draw mustache.

3.) Now it’s time to create the vest. Do this by cutting a thin piece of leather or polyester so the vest opens up in the front, from top to bottom and covers the entire back.

4.) Paint the stone cold skull on the back center of the vest. Use silver spray to color in the skull. The skull should have red eyes and a mean stare. You can search the internet for photos of the vest. Spray the words “Stone Cold” around the skull. You can also opt to paint a smaller version of the skull on the front left side of your vest.

5.) If you can’t imagine yourself wearing black wrestling trunks, regular black shorts will work too. Slide on black wristbands, black knee pads and large black wrestling boots.

You see, pro wrestling costumes are a walkover to create but remember that you have to believe in what you’re portraying to make you more credible. But the most significant thing is for you to have fun!

Put on The Warriors Vest this Halloween- or, go for a funny Three Amigos Costume costume. Make Halloween fun!


Idea for making a wrestler guy costume for this halloween... whatcha think?

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