Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to Make Hair Bows - How I Learned (Easy)

how to make hair bowsHere I go...being crafty again - but perhaps THIS will save me money! I'm trying to learn how to make hair bows so I can quit paying so much money on the bows for my girls. I'm taking this online course that has videos and more and it is REALLY helping me. Cool part is that I am not only learning how to make hair bows, but I am learning how to make all kinds of bows. Sure will help with the holidays too when I get crafty and start making wreaths =) Check out the course I'm taking here or keep reading to learn more about the bow making course: "Do you want to learn how to make hair bows? How to make cute ribbon bows for your baby? Hair bows for baby girls can be so hard to find. We have found some adorable hair bows for baby girls! We know, your baby has such fine hair, but baby hair bows are so cute!  Your baby girl can wear these hair bows!
We also have instructions for making hair bows. Why buy hair bows for baby when you can MAKE them?"  - from How To Make Hair Bows

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