Friday, September 3, 2010

Protect Your Computer Monitor

A monitor dust cover is what you need to keep your screen protected from dust and dirt . The screen is the display unit where all images are transmitted by the CPU so we can say that it’s an integral part of the whole system. Screens are delicate because they are usually made of glass and they are prone to getting dusty . You may not even notice how dusty your monitor is until the light hits it a certain way. Don’t you just hate dust and fingerprint smudges?

A lot of people would opt for an instant fix by using ammonia-based window wash and paper towel. These solutions contain harsh chemicals that can damage the anti-glare treatment that your monitor was made with. Paper towels are also not a good idea because they tend to scratch special coatings on the screen. They also leave small particles or residue on the screen. It is also not recommended for you to spray liquids near the air-cooling vents on your monitor because this can cause an irreversible damage to the guts of your screen.

The best solution to this dilemma is by relying on monitor dust covers . Choose a cover that is made with high quality breathable material that can cover the side and rear of the monitor. Some people opt to use removable vinyl covers but since I live in a pretty dusty area, I choose something that is installed at all times. Yup it remains installed even while the monitor is in use.

An LCD monitor dust cover will protect your screen 24 hours a day and it has the ability to filter all incoming air to protect not only the external components but internal components as well. These covers are specifically designed to defend expensive screens from dust, chemicals, fingerprints and scratches. You can also be assured that no dust, debris, wood chips and other foreign matters can enter the cooling vents. It’s so easy to install, you can do it in less than one minute. Measure your monitor before purchasing a cover to make sure it fits.

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