Monday, November 7, 2011

Kris Yardley - FINALLY A Good Choice For Hall County

It's hard to believe that insults are actually compliments, but when it comes to politics, it's true. Kris Yardley is the only candidate for the 25th House District Special Election that is truly suited for the job - therefor, he gets bashed by the other candidates. Hey, when you're the man to beat, the others resort to fighting dirty when they run out of other tricks and tactics. That seems to be what is happening in this election and happening TO Kris Yardley. Thankfully, Kris Yardley does not fight dirty. That's exactly what we need for Hall County.

The other candidates are showing their true colors over at Wow! You should see some of the language over in the comments area by another candidate! Read this post AND the comments - They will Say ANYTHING for Your Vote. It's eye-opening!

Here is a reprint of another article found. It's interesting to note that one other candidate has spent his time making YouTube videos bashing Kris Yardley and ONLY Kris Yardley. As we all know, there are many more candidates that Mr Yardley so why not bash ALL of them?

On November 8, 2011, Hall County Georgia voters will have a special election on their hands to fill the now vacant seat in the State House.


According to this article on - State Rep James Mills announced he was leaving "to accept a position on Georgia’s Pardons and Paroles Board".  With him leaving, a special election must be held to fill his seat for the 25th District (Hall County areas).


Kris Yardley announced his candidacy - actually giving up his seat on Flowery Branch City Council in order to run.  He did an amazing job for the City of Flowery Branch which makes Mr Yardley the top candidate for State Representative.


Apparently, that makes Kris Yardley the top TARGET in this election, too.  The other candidates are fighting dirty.  One candidate went as far as to make THREE YouTube videos bashing Mr Yardley - but didn't make a single video bashing any of the OTHER candidates.


Kris Yardley won the Flowery Branch City Council seat by a landslide victory - over 75%!  That would make Mr Yardley a very serious contender in this special election on November 8th - the ONLY serious contender.  Naturally, other candidates are bashing the one the feel they need to beat, right?

Thankfully, Kris Yardley doesn't play dirty politics. Quire refreshing, isn't it?  If a candidate is willing to play dirty just to get elected, what will they be like in office?


How will they treat the residents in the area they are elected to serve?  Dirty comes to mind - voters are used to get the votes and then discarded.

It's definitely something to think about as we cast our votes on Tuesday November 8th in Hall County.  I think integrity will win the seat AND integrity will help our county.

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