Friday, May 23, 2008

Need Squidoo Help?

Found a great Squidoo lens that not only gives great Squidoo tips and advice, but offers real SOLUTIONS to any Squidoo related problems you may be having.

If you've been playing with Squidoo and trying to make your own Squidoo pages (called 'lenses'), you may have had issues with getting a good lens made, learning how to optimize your lens, and figuring out how to get Google to find your new lens.

This Squidoo page provides answers for all the above and much, much more. It's all organized nice and neat so it is really easy to navigate.

Most of the information is links to PotPieGirls blog. On that blog, she goes WAY over-board trying to help people be successful on Squidoo and get to making money online.

Go check out her newest lens... its really good!

The new lens is Learn Squidoo With PotPieGirl.

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