Friday, May 23, 2008

Profitable Niche Websites in Six Easy Steps

Oh, this new site was a great find today! is a new and FREE tutorial website from This site is all about how to make small profitable niche sites - and all in 6 simple steps.

Sadly, as of this writing, the site is not finished yet. The intro and resources list is available, as is Step One and Step Two - but it's a dang good start! I'll be watching closely to see when this site is updated.

The author makes creating niche sites so easy to understand and doesn't let you get all over-whelmed with all the BS that is out there for those new to internet marketing. Just like her blog, it also has a touch of 'fun' and her silly, sunny disposition.

Keep an eye out for - you will love her RICHER niche site system!

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