Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dating Tips For Men - Guys ONLY...No Girls Allowed ( I Read This Dating Advice Anyway...haha!)

Found a cool Squidoo page that has 7 Dating Tips for Men that are pretty helpful for guys that need a little bit of help with the ladies. This lens is by the same guy who helped others try to figure out how to convince your spouse to stay and save the marriage.

The dating advice found on this lens is from the website - which is AWESOME!

Every time I turn around, some dating advice website is telling guys that the only way to get a girl is by being a 'Bad Boy" - like women WANT to date jerks! Please! I really liked the way this guy tells men that when it comes to dating and attracting high-quality women, there is a balance between being a "Bad Boy" - and being a "Nice Guy". I agree with these dating tips (even tho I wasn't supposed to read them!)

Guys, if you just want a little insight and anonymous help with your dating style (or lack of) - take a few minutes and read these 7 dating tips for men. If you need a LOT of help - and need it FAST - head over to

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