Monday, May 9, 2011

All Around The Internet - May 9, 2011

Cool Finds on the Web This Week

One hot topic these days (ok, ALL days) is about how to quit smoking. This is a REALLY tough battle for so many people and we found a site that can help you. This site is all about Chantix - the good AND the bad. Topics covered are about Chantix cost and Chantix side effects. Important reading for anyone considering taking Chantix. Visit

Also on the books this week is another health topic having to do with an odd-looking little plant called Aloe Vera. Did you know there are MANY health benefits of aloe vera? There are! In fact, we were blown away by all the ailments aloe can treat. You can use aloe to treat acne, for example....take a stop by and learn more.

Planning on a trip? Perhaps you're a college student? Did you know you can get cheap student flight deals from many websites just because you are a student? Why not save money on your trips. Money is usually tight in college so get all the discounts you can by learning more at

Let's change topics a bit and talk about your car. Ever been driving down the road and had a rock pop up and chip your windshield? It doesn't usually leave a BIG mark, but what are you supposed to do about it? Do you need an entirely new windshield? No, you don't! Just check out a windshield repair company in your area and have them come to you and fix that windshield. It's MUCH cheaper and super fast, too. Those in Georgia like and trust the folks at

Speaking of your car - how are your insurance rates? if you're like most of us, you probably feel you pay WAYYYYYY too much for your insurance. Stop by and check out this site about discount auto insurance and see if you can't find a better car insurance policy and save some money. There are also policies offering Military discount auto insurance and good student discount auto insurance so be sure to check those out too.

How about some remodeling talk? This time of year always makes me want to do something and fix something at my house. If you've got a basement and always wanted to make a cool space out of it (and improve the value of your home), check out this site about basement bar ideas. Some really cool ideas that should get the creative side of you ready to get to work.

And lastly... something really gross that could be happening in YOUR home - bed bugs. Ga-RoSS! If you feel you have a pest issue with bedbugs, stop by and learn how to kill bed bugs for good.

That's our coverage for today's All Around the Internet... Hope you enjoyed!

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