Monday, May 16, 2011

Killer Content - What IS it? Do you need it?

Ok, you saw the main site for Killer Content, right?  Now you're wondering - what IS it Killer Content?  Who needs it?  Who will it work for?  And above all - is Killer Content worth the money?

Let's take a walk-thru of Killer Content to give you an idea of what this incredibly cool software will do for you.

Killer Content Overview

Killer Content is an All-In-One Content SOLUTION Center for YOU.

Socrates (the creator of the system) has turned fantasy into a reality. Every one of those “I wish this program would” obstacles you have faced in the past are definitely in the past now.  I can't tell you how many times I bought something new for my online business and sat there thinking, "This is great, but I sure wish it would _______."

You will NOT be thinking that once you get your hands on Killer Content.

If you are doing anything Internet related from marketing a product to marketing yourself, Killer Content is what you need.  When you work online, you need content - articles, WORDS to put on your sites...and writing them all by hand is a real pain in the butt AND a big time killer.

How Does Killer Content Work?

You simply click on the “Site Manager” icon on the Dashboard and add your blog information so the program knows where to send your “project”.

Now that it knows where things are going, you simply create a project by selecting the articles related to your blog. They have thousands of articles to choose from and you can edit, modify or even spin the article right on the screen. When you are satisfied with the article you can save it by clicking the “project add” icon. Now you have a project with one article in it.

Select more articles and save them to the same project until you build up a sizable amount of content and then you are ready to publish.

One incredible feature of the article data base is you can search it by keyword. Yes you heard that right; you can search thousands of articles by the exact keywords you are using for your blog. That is a feature I will never be able to live without keyword search again.

Now that you have a project you can do one of two things or both. You can publish it to your blog with the “Auto Poster” which has so many features it could easily be a product of its own, or you can generate an eBook with each of the articles appearing as a new chapter. 

Create an ebook in pdf format with a click of a button? This is also something that could be a stand alone product and something I can no longer live without.

That is it. It took me longer to talk about Killer Content than it did to put about one full two years worth of content on my own blog.  Being able to click-click-click and get all the unique content I need for my blog posts or niche sites...or click and have a pdf give-away guide ready in a snap to build my lists - is a DREAM for me.


See how Killer Content works here.



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