Monday, February 27, 2012

Thank goodness for helpful web pages!

Every time I pop around Google I am amazed at the things people write about on the internet. For example, when trying to decide what stand mixer to buy my mom I came across this really helpful review page that totally helped me out.

I had no idea how many colors this mixer comes in, let alone all the really cool attachments and accessories that you can add on to have even more fun in the kitchen.

I ended up buying the mixer that this page recommended and my mom LOVES it! At first she was a bit taken aback because I bought her something that (turns out) she has always wanted, but she is thrilled and uses the mixer all the time. That works for me - I love her cooking!

Next time you want to know what people really think about certain kitchen appliances - or heck, about ANYTHING - get online and let your fingers do the....the typing on Google. You'll be amazed at the great info that people share. Here is the page that helped me if you're checking out stand mixers too. Have fun!

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