Saturday, February 20, 2010

Discount Student Travel

Tips for Discounted Student Travel - With discount student travel agencies, you can either buy your tickets over the phone, online or by going personally into the office. Statravel for example, you can set an appointment and go to their local office personally if you're not comfortable transacting online or over the phone. For you to purchase tickets under the student airfare category or group, you have to provide your student ID or anything that will prove that you are currently in school. The airline company will then verify it and once your status is confirmed, you can go ahead and get student discounts.

You can also ask a travel agent about consolidator tickets. These tickets are normally available to wholesalers and they are not directly offered to the general public. Companies give these tickets to travel agencies and then they mark them up a little bit. They still come out cheaper though than regular airfare.

Another way on how you can save money when traveling is by going in a group. You will share all the expenses except for the airfare of course. A lot of travel agencies offer discounts if you avail of their group tour packages.

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