Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fix the Three Red Lights of Doom On Your XBOX

Owners of Xbox 360s live in constant fear of the “three flashing red lights of death“. What are these lights that strike fear into the heart of any Xbox 360 console owner? The three flashing red lights happen when the power is turned on to the Xbox 360 console. Three of the four lights surrounding the power button begin to flash red and do not stop until the console is turned off.

While the three flashing red lights are one of many problems that can affect an Xbox 360, they are troublesome because they need repair work performed in order to disapper. This is the main reason the three flashing red lights are known by other names such “the red circle of doom” or “the red ring of death.” Those are obvisouly not flattering terms. In short, the Xbox 360 console is “dead” until work can be done to remove the 3 flashing red lights.

Three flashing red lights on an Xbox 360 indicates a General Hardware Failure by the consolde. Powering the system on and off will unfortunately not resolve this problem. Repairs will be needed before the system can be used again. A phone call can be placed to Microsoft support and they can provide information on how to return the console to them for repairs. It will take 2-3 weeks for the console to be repaired and returned in working order from Microsoft.

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