Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prenuptial Agreement Form Info

Think you need a prenup? Already KNOW you need one and are looking for an easy prenuptial agreement form online? One specific and binding for your state? This page at Squidoo has a ton of good info and resources.

-Second marriage. if it is your second marriage and you have children from the previous marriage a prenuptial agreement form is necessary. In the event you pass away a prenuptial agreement can maintain that your previous family nor your new family will be left out.

-Rich or Poor. If your spouse has a great deal of debt you could be responsible for that debt.

-Me or my Money. A prenuptial agreement form can help to ensure that you are being marriage for you and not for your money.

-Stay at home mom. A prenuptial agreement form can help to assure that if you choose to put your career on hold and stay home to raise the children, the financial burden is shared fairly.

Click here to see a sample free Prenuptial agreement form

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