Friday, April 25, 2008

Best Marine GPS - Reviews and GPS Comparisons

Almost summertime and that means it's almost time to get that boat back in the water! Yes! With Fathers Day coming, I've been looking for a great gift idea for the kids to give dear old Dad... and Dad loves gadgets and his boat... and he's not big on asking for directions, either! haha! I decided to look into marine GPS units and there are some awesome GPS systems for boats now - it's amazing!

Naturally, he will be getting a waterproof GPS unit.... does that even need mentioning? But there are so many other features and options to all this - it is a bit confusing.

I found a good webpage that shows the best marine GPS units - gives reviews and a GPS comparison to help figure out what you need (links to great prices, too!)

Need helping picking a marine GPS system, too? Read this page....

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