Friday, April 25, 2008

Squidoo Tags and the Lens Discovery Module

Just doing a little test over at Squidoo. I'm curious about Squidoo tagging and it's relation to the new lens discovery option in the intro module.

There has been a lot of discussion about the importance of tagging your Squidoo lens properly (and yes, there are some tricks to There has also been a lot of negative discussion surrounding the discovery option within the intro module on a Squidoo lens.

The location of the discovery tool is right smack at the top of a Squidoo lens - a lensmaster barely has an opportunity to get the reader involved in their content before the reader is given many options to leave.

However, the discovery tool can be turned off. Also, YOUR lenses show up on other lensmasters lenses so it can lead to extra traffic if it is enabled.

Personally, I just turn the option for the discovery off if it doesn't work with a lens I am making. I'm not all that upset about it... and hey, it's not MY website. Squidoo can do whatever they want on the lenses... they just pay me to build content there.

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