Friday, April 25, 2008

Learn How to Run a Fitness Boot Camp - Cool Idea!

Fact is, smart and savvy fitness instructors will learn how to run a fitness boot camp as soon as possible. These programs are REALLY popular right now, and fitness centers and individual instructors are making a killing. I was blown away by the market research for the fitness boot camp market.... WOW! Adding one of those boot camp exercise classes to the already existing programs has made a big difference in the bottom line for many instructors.

Apparently, the overhead required to offer a boot camp program is next to nothing...and these classes are HOT right now. The exercise routines are easier and way less complicated. Also, the clients seem to love the social aspect of these bootcamps, too. And we all know what happens when a customer loves something, right?

Word of mouth advertising! Free advertising rocks....and in the case of fitness boot camps, your customers will keep your fitness boot camps FULL.

If I was an fitness instructor, I would totally do this... however, I guess I would need to get off my butt first...haha!

Me and exercise - well, we don't get along!

Learn more about running a fitness boot camp.

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