Monday, April 28, 2008

Nomophobia - Cell Phone Users, Are You Suffering in Silence?

Nomophobia. Good golly, now we have a new phobia for thse that fear not being able to use their cell phone... what is the world coming to??? Wonder when the first law suit will be filed with someone claiming undue stress and mental damages from a company who insisted their cell phone be turned off?

"Your honor, my client suffered intense symptoms of Nomophobia due to the defendants unnecessary insistence that all cell phones be turned off.... We would like damages paid in the amount of 6.7 million dollars...."

C'mon... we know this will happen soon...

So, don't know what 'Nomophobia' is? Read on....
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Nomophobia - I Have It - Do You?

I have all the signs and symptoms of nomophobia. I wonder if I should seek help, or face the fact that I just may be normal.

You are surrounded by those that suffer from Nomophobia... perhaps you suffer from this affliction, too?

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