Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marine Boot Camp - Best Websites to Prepare for USMC Boot Camp

Marine boot camp... it will be easy, right? Hell no! Going through Marine Boot Camp will be THE hardest thing you will EVER do. Want help preparing for boot camp online? Smart move - click here for the best tips for boot camp preparation.

Know what you can take to Marine boot camp? Here's a hint: nada. Ok, you can take your drivers license and a boot camp-approved Bible... but that's about it. Heck, if you wear glasses, the Marines will give make you wear glasses THEY give you. Remember, you are no longer an individual once you hit boot camp - you are a Marine.

As for physical training - honey, the Marines will kick your ass, it's as simple as that. One guy I talked to said that the BEST thing he did to get ready to even GO to boot camp was get in shape - SERIOUS shape. Just jogging or a few sit-ups won't cut it. (Learn how to get in physical shape for Marine boot camp here).

As for the mental aspect of boot camp for Marines.... again, I say, honey, they WILL kick your mental ass! If you're sensitive, you're screwed... better learn to toughen up and get in the right state of mind to survive USMC boot camp. (Learn how to to get in mental shape for The Marines here)

All in all, your boot camp experience will be hard.... don't dare think any differently. Only the best survive. Statistics show that only those that are really prepared will graduate to being a REAL Marine. There is a reason the motto is, "The FEW, The Proud, The Marines".

Learn how to really prepare for Marine Boot Camp by clicking here.

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