Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can You Make Someone Trust You Again After You Cheated On Them?

Although making someone trust you again after you cheated may be the most difficult thing to do if not impossible, you just have to hang in there and keep trying. If you're sincere in getting someone back, trust me it will show.

The first thing that you have to do is to break all ties with the person you cheated with. You don't have to communicate with him or her again. I don't care if you have to block that person on your Facebook!

Consider your significant other's feelings if he or she finds out that you are still communicating with that person who ruined the relationship. Repeat cheating can happen and even though you know you're not going to do it again, it's best if you keep the slate clean. Don't give your partner a reason to doubt you again. Suspicions are one of the most common relationship killers.

The next thing that you have to do is to explain why you cheated. As hard as it may sounds but you'll feel so much better after admitting everything. It's not that you can undo your mistake but being honest about it will free you from guilt haunting you all the time. Apologize for what you have done and if your partner asks for some space to think things through then by all means give him/her that.

Ask your significant other what you have to do to gain his or her trust back. Listen carefully and pay attention to every detail. If on the other hand, you can sense that he or she just wants to punish you and asking for the impossible, cut the relationship off and just let it go. Don't spend your life being punished for a mistake you regret doing.

The most important thing when getting back together is that both of you are willing to forgive each other for whatever happened and you are willing to move on and start a fresh new relationship.

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