Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Avoid Falling Out of Love

Is there such thing as falling out of love? Unfortunately, yes there is. You're so in love and you think you have found your perfect match, that one person who sweeps you off your feet. Days, weeks, months go by and you're slowly realizing that you just don't feel the same way anymore. You can say that the "magic" is gone.

Although you can't expect to have chills and butterflies in your stomach after being in the relationship for quite some time, it's very important to stay in love with that special person in your life. Loving someone and being in love with someone are somewhat different. It's always so much better to love a person and be in love with him rather than just loving him (if you know what I mean).

Can you avoid falling out of love in a relationship? Absolutely! The first thing you have to consider is how high your expectations are. I know that you always tell yourself that you deserve nothing less and you always want the best of everything. I'm sorry to prick your bubble but if you want the relationship to work and if you want to be happy all the time, you have to separate fantasy from reality.

As long as you expect more from your partner all the time and as long as you keep thinking of ways on how he can be better, you will never be happy in a relationship. A person can only give so much and you have to accept him for who he really is. Ain't that what's love is all about?

We fall out of love when we set the bar so high and then we eventually get disappointed when these so-called expectations are not met. Learn how to appreciate what you have and stop comparing your relationship with other couples. Just because your friend receives flowers from his husband all the time it doesn't mean that they have a better relationship.

My husband is not the most thoughtful man in the planet but he's the funniest and he loves me for who I am and that alone makes me grateful for being married to him. I realized that when a person keeps pointing out what's lacking in his life, he will always be unhappy and he will miss out on the greater things that life has to offer.

Staying in love with somebody is not difficult at all. You just have to focus more on his positive side rather than his shortcomings. Embrace the other person for who he is and for what he can only give and you'll never be unhappy with your relationship.

Are you just going to sit and let the love of your life walk away from you or you want to act now and put an end to your misery?

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