Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why People Fall Out of Love - Reasons It Happens

Nothing can ever be perfect let alone a relationship. Even the happiest couples run into problems but the thing about them is they are willing to work things out and they choose to stay beside their partners no matter what. They stay in love and choose to focus on the positive side of the relationship. It sounds easy right? Nobody said it's easy because a successful relationship entails continuous hardwork and the first thing that you have to avoid is falling out of love.

Here are the most common reasons why people fall out of love:

We mistake being in love with the person with being in love with "love" itself

How many of us are guilty of this crime? We are desperately in love with the idea of being in a relationship and we enjoy the "high" of being with somebody. When reality strikes you, you suddenly realize that you're not in love with the person but the relationship. You're not comfortable being without somebody and so you use a relationship to fill the void in your heart.

Your Expectations are Not Met

We expect too much from a relationship and when these expectations are not met, we get very disappointed and we fall out of love. While it's true that you want a relationship where you can grow and be happy, it's wrong to set the bar so high. Learn to appreciate what you have in the relationship and stop comparing with other couples. Focus on the positive side of the relationship and think about this- nobody has a perfect relationship. Even the happiest couples run into problems.

Personal Changes

This is common among guys I know. He stopped surprising you with flowers and gifts, he doesn't call you as often anymore and you don't spend hours and hours talking about sweet nothings anymore. In other words, he's starting to show you his "real self". Surprised? We all know that guys tend to show their best foot forward at the beginning of the relationship but once they become self-assured and comfortable in the relationship, they tend to be complacent that they think they don't have to work hard anymore.

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