Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can You Get Your Ex Back After Cheating?

Trust is an imperative part of the relationship and once you break it, you may never gain it back again. That's just how it works. No matter what your reason is for cheating on your partner, you have to accept the fact that you committed a mistake and you hurt somebody special in your life.

There's really no absolute right or wrong when it comes to getting back with an ex after you cheated because it all depends whether your ex is willing to forgive and forget or not. Sometimes forgiven can be freely given but the thought of you sleeping with someone else may haunt your partner forever. This is where the chaos comes from, you keep coming back to square one. You will always be punished for your mistake.

Sure you can get your ex back even after you cheated but the question is, are you willing to work hard to gain your partner's trust again? Are you utterly positive that you will never commit the same mistake again?

This is the perfect time to be on your best behavior. Believe it or not, your ex will be watching whatever you do more than ever. If your ex sees or hears about your wild night outs, you're slimming your chances of getting back together. Make your partner think that you terribly miss him or her. This does not mean though that you'll be all over her trying to beg and cry like a baby. Give your ex enough space but know when to let him or her know how much he or she means to you.

Are you just going to sit and let the love of your life walk away from you or you want to act now and put an end to your misery?

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