Friday, April 9, 2010

Comparing the Best Car Insurance Quote Online

Do a comparison among three insurance companies (at least) and find out what discounts are available for certain conditions or factors like sole driver, annual payment (instead of monthly or quarterly payments) or an increase in the policy excess in case of an accident.

Since the industry for auto insurance is very competitive, rates tend to be lower for other companies so they can acquire as many clients as possible. But then again, it's always imperative for you to check the finer details of the policy. Check the following to make sure you are still getting what you deserve:

-Is the policy limited to sole driver only? What will be the cost for multiple drivers?
-Will there be any penalties should you change your vehicle part way through the term of the policy?
-Is windscreen repair standard?
-Are installment payments more costly than yearly payments?
-Is personal injury covered?
-What is the claims procedure?
-Does your policy cover overseas travel?

Those are just some of the things you need to ask your agent when deciding on a car insurance quote online. It wouldn't hurt if you read and understand the policy from top to bottom so you know exactly what your rights are.

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